What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a voluntary process where a third-party neutral acts as a judge in your case.  Given the authoritative role of an arbitrator, it is important to hire an arbitrator who has extensive experience and knowledge in divorce law.  The benefit of arbitration is having someone decide your case without having to go to court.  It is also a more private and convenient forum for spouses to have their cases heard.  The downsides to arbitration are, one it may be more costly than the “do-it-yourself” or mediation approach, and two, because not all issues can be arbitrated, it does not promote finality.

What is the effect of an arbitrator’s decision?

Generally speaking, an arbitrator’s decision is fully binding and generally not appealable.

Which issues cannot be arbitrated?

Generally speaking, because it is against public policy, issues involving the child cannot be arbitrated.

Does this firm offer arbitration services?

Yes, this firm does offer arbitration services by a former New York State Family Court Judge.

Is arbitration right for me?

Cases vary in facts and circumstances and arbitration may not be the best approach for your divorce.  As part of its commitment to assisting divorcing couples in making this determination, this firm offers a free case evaluation.  Your inquiry may be submitted either electronically by clicking the link below or by calling toll free at (877) 631-7919.

Free Case Evaluation
Please note that the sole purpose of the Free Case Evaluation is to assist individuals in determining the divorce option most suitable for their individual needs and interests and that submission of any information through the use of any forms contained on this site does not automatically create an attorney/client relationship.