What is a contested divorce?

A divorce is considered contested where spouses have been unable to successfully negotiate all legal issues relating to their divorce such as grounds for divorce, distribution of marital assets and debt, child-custody, child-support, and spousal-support.  

How are contested issues resolved?

Contested issues may be resolved in a number of ways including mediation, arbitration, med-arb/arb-med, or traditional litigation.

How can this firm help?

This firm takes pride in offering all of the above services and has an Of-Counsel former New York Family Court Judge who is available to arbitrate issues of distribution or support.  In addition, the founding and managing attorney of this firm is both an attorney and trained mediator if you opt to mediate or litigate your case.

Free Case Evaluation

This firm recognizes that the facts and circumstances of any divorce varies and as part of its commitment to assisting divorcing couples throughout their divorce, this firm offers a free case evaluation to help you determine the divorce option most suitable for your case. You can click the below link to submit your inquiry electronically or you can call us toll free at (877) 631 – 7919.

Free Case Evaluation
Please note that the sole purpose of the Free Case Evaluation is to assist individuals in determining the divorce option most suitable for their individual needs and interests and that submission of any information through the use of any forms contained on this site does not automatically create an attorney/client relationship.