What is a Limited-Scope Attorney?

A Limited-Scope Attorney is an attorney that assists you during your divorce either to prepare legal documents for you, review legal documents that you have prepared, or simply provide a consultation to help clients develop a legal strategy based on their current situation.

How can I benefit by a Limited-Scope Attorney?

The #1 benefit of having a Limited-Scope Attorney is being able to have the assistance of an attorney without paying the costs associated with a full-scope representation arrangement.  Divorces, child-custody, child-support, or modification cases can be costly and if you are looking to do the majority of the paperwork yourself or the issues are uncontested, or you simply cannot afford an attorney to represent you throughout, this may be an ideal option in saving you money.

What Limited-Scope Services does this firm offer?

This firm offers a wide-array of limited scope services such as document preparation in uncontested divorce cases, child-support, child-custody and modification cases; document review of self-prepared legal documents; and legal consultations to help assist and coach clients prepare their legal strategy and approach.

What is the fee for limited scope services?

All limited scope services are offered at a flat rate ranging from $250 to $750, depending on the service you choose and the complexity of your case.  Please note that each service is considered independent from the other.

Free Case Evaluation

This firm offers a free case evaluation to determine costs and fees associated with the services you are looking to obtain.  You may submit your inquiry electronically by clicking the link below or you may call toll free at (877) 631-7919.

Free Case Evaluation
Please note that the sole purpose of the Free Case Evaluation is to assist individuals in determining the divorce option most suitable for their individual needs and interests and that submission of any information through the use of any forms contained on this site does not automatically create an attorney/client relationship.